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Advice on dating a pilot

If one of you can't live with that then that is another obstacle to a happy family. I also believe that pilots should have a happy family.They could travel, make good money, and have a respectable profession.I heard that busy schedule kept them apart for most of the time and they misunderstood each other.Okay, perhaps I can elaborate some more to what was already written.I know its tough sometimes to get back from a long trip and want to do your own things but you really need to make sure you take some time and spend it with your wife.You just have to set appropriate expectations for her right from the start.When kids come along, the pilots basically stay grounded.

Some are quite happy to live and know how to tackle the perceived extra-matrimonial issues whilst other pilots’ wives constantly fear the infidelity problem.

For instance, tell her beforehand that there may be times when you are going to miss some family important events.

What some wives say of the frequent absence of the pilot from the family?

As you would have read (assuming you had gone through most of my FAQ), I generally paint a good life of a professional pilot.

Maybe I was more biased towards this view because I have been lucky to be blessed with a happy family throughout my flying career.

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I once had a neighbor who was a Malaysian-Singaporean and worked for Singapore Airlines. He often travels from Johor Bahru to Changi Airport almost every day.

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