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When Appa begins to inexplicably lose altitude, Aang tells his friends that he feels as if the swamp is calling to him; due to their reluctance to land, however, he agrees to leave.Suddenly, a tornado appears, overwhelming Appa and hurling everyone into the swamp; even though Aang uses airbending to make a sphere of air as a shield around Appa, the tornado shears it apart with ease.This separates humans and animals into two separate groups. Aang and Katara are wary of the environment, sensing something ominous about it.Sokka uses his machete to haphazardly hack through the swamp vegetation, trying to clear a path.Alone in the swamp, each person experiences a vision of another person.Katara sees her mother, and momentarily believes she has returned.Aang spots a young laughing girl and a flying boar in the swamp; he does not recognize the girl.

He explains the nature of the swamp and their visions, including that the girl is someone Aang will meet.However, unknown to the flying bison and winged lemur, natives of the swamp have found Appa's tracks and are hunting them for dinner.By evening, Sokka becomes annoyed at his sister and friend's warnings, stating there is nothing out of the ordinary about the place.Hunting a fly for dinner, Momo ends up on the back of one of the swamp's apex predators, a catgator.Alarmed, Momo hurries back to Appa with the catgator in pursuit.

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A swordsman approaches Iroh and has him sing for a gold coin.

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