Dating websites for people in recovery

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Dating websites for people in recovery

Christian Mingle matches up people for whom faith is a central part of their lives.

Black People Meet is a site for African-Americans who want to be matched up with other African-Americans.

These apps also spare you the discomfort of revealing your own addiction struggles in an increasingly transparent digital world.

“When you’re on Facebook, you’re surrounded by friends, family and coworkers,” Sober Grid co-founder Nick Krasucki told Like many people in recovery, the creator of Clean Fun Network, Jimmy Hamm, initially feared that quitting drinking would be the end of his social life.

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Farmers Only is a dating site for people from rural areas. It matches up singles who are in recovery from substance abuse.

Californians Paul Kole and Paul Williams launched last year as an alternative to other dating sites.

For people in recovery, relationships are extremely important to maintaining sobriety.

“I’m in my late twenties and thinking, ‘My life is going to be over,'” he said.

“This is how it’s going to be—sitting in church basements, listening to people talk about trying to stay sober.” After getting sober in 2007, Hamm’s life was far from over.

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