David mitchell and victoria coren dating gratis kontakt inserate Moers

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David mitchell and victoria coren dating

“I mean, he’s a hugely successful television comedian, he could have had a gorgeous 24-year-old skinny wife with a tiny nose and a string bikini, but he chose me! ” Coren, or Coren Mitchell as she haphazardly calls herself when she thinks it won’t cause too much confusion, is so disarmingly, so extravagantly in love with her husband of 10 months, I (almost) forgive her.

There’s a new power couple on the block and it’s not the Beckhams, although one of them is very sporting – if poker counts as a sport – and the other possesses a rapier wit sharper than a pair of pinking shears.Besides, these days you can have babies well into your eighties, so the way I see it, I’ve got decades left.” In the meantime, she will continue to multitask her way through three careers. “But I think ultimately I’m a libertarian because I’m concerned about the massive curtailment of personal freedom.I hate all the CCTV cameras and ID checks and proposals that you can’t even smoke in your own home and this insane preoccupation with banning things.“I never thought I’d get married, and if I ever did, it would be a dreary compromise so I’d just wear a C&A twinset.” Despite being head-over-heels in love, she remained adamant she wouldn’t do the meringue thing.“One of my bridesmaids took me into a bridalwear shop, just so I knew what I would be rejecting, and I stomped along thinking: 'This is ridiculous, I’ll look stupid’,” she chuckles.

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