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We contact the suppliers over email, web and phone and obtain the latest copy of MSDSs and upload these into our client's MSDS database.

Our data entry operators are equipped to handle high volume image and paper-based data entry in any format, database design and management. Data Conversion With more and more information being processed every day and records being kept at many levels electronic storage of company data in an organized and indexed fashion is becoming and necessity rather than a luxury. With the use of latest technology, supported by our in-house programmers and quality control staff, we key in thousands of documents each week across a wide variety of document types on paper or image.

Data Validation, which provides for verification and correction of the data recognized by Forms Processing, or for data entry when a form cannot be recognized.

Data Output, which produces files based on the input from the forms and writes these files in a format suitable for processing by other applications or legacy systems.

"Hundreds of chemical agents from cleansers and disinfectants onward have to be labeled whenever we put them into smaller containers or combine them," said Fonseca, Corporate Manager of Safety and Accreditation for Ameri Path, a leading national US anatomic pathology lab whose national headquarters is based in Palm Beach Garden, Florida.

The information involved can be copious including health hazards, target organs, first aid, personal protective equipment (PPE), and so on." Fonseca and his fellow Ameri Path compliance officers at company sites across the US usually hand wrote these OSHA-required hazcom labels.

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Today, however, a rising number of managers in charge of industrial safety and hygiene are implementing advanced new methods of meeting OSHA HCS requirements.